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So put the kids to bed, light those candles you've been saving for a night like this, and slip into your robe and wizard hat. A chance meeting at the park with an attractive brunette introduces this unofficial Amiga port.

As women in heat tend to do, she challenges you to a 32-card game of strip poker (no cards lower than 7).

Here are a few games that bring love - or at least lust - to the Wii.

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EDIT 5: Thanks alot to everyone for helping this get 1kk views!! First of all, the preloader takes a while to show up, so be patient. I lost about 3-4 months of work due to many problems in my life.

NOTE: if the battle music keeps looping, just press the mute button on the music box. This has to be the submission that I have lost the most sleep on, the longest one it has taken me to make, and many other sacrifices I forgot. So technically it took me 4-5 months to make this :) This is massive.

When first played, Zelda is 6 days from being an Adult.

By the time of The Sims 2, she is most likely deceased.

Her hair is pale blonde, but her roots and eyebrows are brown, implying that she dyes it.

She starts with four points in Gardening and three in Guitar.

They hustle their homemade software from the back-alleys of the internet, each downloaded bit transferred in a nondescript paper bag.

We're going to take you through that DS underworld, previewing a selection of homebrew games that are sure to arouse your interest.

Despite her Green Thumb, she longs to become a Rock Star, although she does not have the Virtuoso trait. She also possesses the Easily Impressed trait and the Party Animal trait.

Her niece's biography says that Kaylynn is neat, unlike her father, brother and aunt.

It's an experience you're all too familiar with, we're sure.

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