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From the age of 3, Pallett studied classical violin, and composed his first piece at age 13.

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They've at times become fodder for journalists to press him upon, leading him to admit, "I think I might have misstepped a bit, putting it all out there." After laborious sessions yielding abysmal results, Condon decided to write his songs from a different place, a near free-form subconscious level to extricate himself from his lull.

"It was in between meeting someone [his now-girlfriend] and pure discipline," he says of what precipitated the sea change. The interesting thing about it is that are no neat answers, obviously. And that was the realization." But the album's gestation process is a fascinating one, delving into the psyche of an admittedly self-conscious individual who went through his own personal hell and emerged with a self-aware, deeply affecting collection of songs.

Pale skinned, wide-eyed, anxiously articulate: Zach Condon comes across like a character straight out of indie cinema.

Indeed, it was while the singer-songwriter behind Beirut was selling popcorn at a Balkan Film Festival at an art house movie theatre in his hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico, that he first heard the big brass sound that inspired his debut album, Gulag Orkestar (2006).

"We were talking and they said to me, 'Man you've got everything, it's all fine. At the same time, it's a totally insane revelation." The biggest difference this time around is that Condon is going it alone, having parted from the UK label 4AD. Artists are fleeing record labels faster than rioting Londoners helped themselves to flatscreen TVs a few weeks ago.

There's one thing you still need, a fucking lighting guy'. It's been strange to discover I didn't leave anything behind. For the most part, though, they've been deserting fuddy-duddy majors.

The name Final Fantasy, under which Pallett recorded prior to the release of Heartland, was a tribute to the well-known video game series, although he said that it is not one of his top twenty favorite games.

was released on February 12, 2005, by the Blocks Recording Club, a cooperative, Toronto-based record label of which he is a founding member.

Condon’s fusion of poppy bombast, offbeat indie sensibility and world music won him huge critical acclaim and the beginnings of a devoted, international fan base.

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