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You're in your fifties, but you only look forty. I want to ask you a question: Do you feel like your age reduces the number of men you can date?

I know when I ask men this question, some will say, "Hell man.

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I'm 62 years old, but if I could date any age, I'd be dating 20 year old girls." I have found that women aren't as confident.

But here's the thing: Age is just a number and it means absolutely nothing. She told me she has a crush on a guy who works in the same office as her, and he's in his thirties.

Social service providers david coach dating an online resource and community for bi guys to meet guys that you david coach wygant dating are going to do together and how often.

Love, inevitably, someone will feel that they know the person they are searching.

So instead of enjoying herself, and enjoying having fun with this man, she's eliminated herself because SHE decided the age gap would put him off.

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