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Hello men, and welcome to the dating tips for guys section. You are here to learn - to improve - to achieve and after reading through the following articles, we know that you will begin to see your dating game... It is just a matter of knowing what type of female you are dealing with.

It means that every ounce of advice was created For You and By You. But, that is fine with us and will be just as fine with you because...

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Ultimate Confidence With Women Discover BULLETPROOF confidence with women...

Have you ever looked at someone and thought that he/she just looked mean?

You know you have a lot to offer the girl, but it’s the rejection after 5 mins of chatting her up that plays over and over like a broken record.

So you’re wondering how you can get her contact info without coming across as creepy or a stalker?

Whether you got dumped, or you were the one who broke it off, splitting up with someone is NEVER a pleasant experience. The Alpha Lifestyle™: Triple Threat How To Live The Life Men Desire: The Alpha Lifestyle Free CD: Badass Body Language The Secrets Of Confident Body Language & How To Read Women...

In fact, breakups are downright nasty because they do... The Alpha Sexual Blueprint Finally - a proven system for creating sexual attraction & iron-clad sexual confidence The Dating Black Book The Essential Handbook for Attracting Women - and TRIPLE Your Dating...

Jessica Rabbit had an amazing line in the movie, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.” She said, “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.” Some people look pissed or bitchy and they just don’t know it.

I see a lot of girls out that can look really intimidating.

After all, why not try to enjoy myself if I’m already there?

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