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As of 2015, 15 percent of Americans still smoke, but that number is a considerable drop from years past.

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Sixty-one percent of women thought smokers were unhealthy, just slightly higher than men.

Additionally, only sixteen percent of women and twenty-one percent of men thought smoking was on trend.” Smoking might sound like a deal breaker with those stats, but very few people ever broke up with someone over tobacco use, the survey found.

But it’s funny, in the midst of my long commutes, my lectures, that monstrous 10-minute walk between classes and maybe a few structured social events, I was suddenly half way through my degree thinking to myself – shit …

I’m not meeting that many new people at Uni.”Sure I was enjoying Uni a lot of the time, but I was struggling to meet new and diverse people.

Armarium: For a dinner date in the city, what looks do you suggest, and why?

EHH: For a night out in the city, pick a simple dress that skims nicely over your body.

But, only 5 percent of fellow smokers preferred dating another smoker, so the tar-filled dating pool is pretty shallow.

You do have a few options: join a smokers-only dating site, go the less offensive e-cigarette/vaping route or unlock the tobacco shackles and quit.

In everyday life, there are numerous situations where we are presented with a selection of alternatives.

For example, shopping for clothes, buying a car, or choosing a holiday. Given that a sheer amount of choice can lead to a 'more means worse' effect, it may not be, and there are several reasons why. I'm sure we've all gone shopping with a person who led us from store to store in an endeavour to find what they want by thoroughly searching through all available options before they buy.

She said: “It is important that schools continue to take steps to alert young people to the risks of using such apps and the potential for young people to be contacted through apps, social media and online by those who are not who they claim to be.

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