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Hey everyone I use powerpoint in my office to play a looping slide show on a large TV for my sales reps. The problem is I have to stop the presentation every morning, remote desktop into the system, edit each slide and re-run the show.

Is there any way to have that data in an external file like Excel, that I could save on the server and just update daily with the sales figures?

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Indeed, there is a much simpler way of getting live updates on a graph.

Gnuplot has some useful commands we can use: is executed in the background and the Gnuplot script we wrote above is launched.

Programming Note: Deleting graphics objects is the proper way to remove features from a plot without clearing the entire figure.

Team Services | TFS 2017 | TFS 2015 | TFS 2013 You can quickly view the status of work in progress by charting the results of a flat-list query.

To do so, click on the Import Data icon at the top of the chart table.

A window will appear for you to select your file to open.

For example, the following image illustrates four different charts created from the same flat-list query.

The pie chart groups the 146 active bugs by priority, and the bar chart groups the bugs by team and their triage status.

However, the following properties are not reset: Position, Units, Paper Position, Paper Units.

If the first argument is specified, delete all child objects including those with hidden handles and reset all axis properties to their defaults.

If your data is on Google Drive, you can also import them to Piktochart easily.

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