Will updating ipod erase music credit card dating service

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If i Tunes can't update your library file immediately after an i Tunes update, you might notice missing imported content and playlists. If you're missing content or playlists and didn't recently update i Tunes, get more help: Learn what to do if you see an exclamation mark next to music in i Tunes. If you see all your content and playlists in i Tunes as expected, you can move the i Tunes file on your Desktop to the Trash.

Any changes that you made to your library after the date on the i Tunes Library that you used in step 5, such as new playlists that you created or songs that you added, might not appear in i Tunes and might need to be recreated or re-added.

If you see a download icon next to your purchased content, the item is stored in the cloud, not on your device. If you added music or music videos to your device from a source other than the i Tunes Store, you might need to try a different method to delete the item.

On an i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod touch, if you don't make music available for offline use, it's cached using the space available on the device. only; i OS 10.2 or later) or in the Videos app, you can delete movies and TV shows that you've downloaded to your device.

Apple Music should never automatically delete files off your primary Mac's hard drive unless you specifically delete them first.

When you enable Apple Music on your original Mac, the service scans your music library and matches any tracks you own to its streaming library.

If you have tracks that in Apple Music's library — say, personal recordings, for instance — they will be uploaded as-is to your i Cloud Music Library, though songs encoded in ALAC, WAV, or AIFF will be uploaded as AAC 256kbps files for easier storage.

Once this matching and uploading process is complete, you have two libraries: your locally-stored library on your original Mac with all your old files, and an i Cloud-stored library that you can access from other devices.

If you delete content from i Cloud Music Library that you purchased from the i Tunes Store, the item hides.

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