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If you haven’t already watched the Out on Film trailers to create your own must-see list, or bought your festival passes and individual tickets, do so with a quickness.

Then sit back, relax and psyche up with these guys.

Page also landed on the cover of What Happened Next: Less than a month after coming out exclusively to ET, the country star stepped out with Matt Collum, his boyfriend of five years, at a Trevor LIVE event.

The two were spotted hand-in-hand and very much out and proud.

This is his fourth Daytime Emmy nomination, having been a contender three times for his portrayal of Luke Snyder on I’m glad that NATAS has seen sense and created the digital drama series categories. Most “entertainment” on traditional television stinks. Much of the best content is coming fast and furious in new delivery methods — .

As we continue to uncouple “television” from the “television set,” it’s important that we continue to recognize new ways to deliver content.

Jake and Van haven't seen each other in a few years when fate suddenly pushes them together.

This was written for the What Did You Do prompt meme community on LJ for the prompt "I think you owe me an explanation" prompted by Jim Jake was just cast in a role for this year's run of A Christmas Story, and he's getting on well with his co-stars.

Problem is, looks like the guy who was cast as Ebenezer is turning out to be a real Scrooge.

Jake doesn't believe in fate, not in the way he knows others do.

When he comes to, the boyfriend has been murdered and he’s the prime suspect.

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