Who is turtle dating on entourage

, one of the best bro shows of all time, will air its series finale.

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Tate was married to top film director Roman Polanski and was eight-and-a-half months pregnant with his child.

Polanski himself was away in Europe shooting his latest film.

Hereafter, he held the position till January 1989.● John Lennon, lead vocalist from the ever-famous and loved band Beatles, was shot dead by Mark Chapman on December 8, in New York City.

The murderer later pleaded "not guilty" by stating insanity as the reason.● Mt. Helens in Washington erupted after precisely 123 years; a total of 34 people were killed.

It was a time that witnessed quite a few important changes.

This was the time for some outlandish fashion ideas and weird hairstyles!Movie or not, it's not like we're being left empty-handed.has given us eight years' worth of entertainment, some of them great, others not so great, yet all watchable and suitable for kicking back and living the fast life vicariously through movie star Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) and his hometown homies.One would best remember 1980s as the decade of MTV, Pac-Man, and MASH.While music and entertainment were fantastic over these years, it was also an era of economic development and international relations.When it comes to the best season, there's really no question: Season Two was an instant classic.

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