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For other shows, the leads will stutter and sweat; any charm they once had will dissolve in her presence.

As a technophile, Wheaton has actively participated in web series, hosts podcasts, runs his own blog, and is an active gamer.

And apparently, the geek community loves him: Currently, he has over two million Twitter followers. He was called the “vegan James Dean” of the ‘80s, and had he lived, he would’ve given the likes of Johnny Depp and Keanu Reeves a run for their money.

Jerry O’Connell found a way...(although we can tell he still has that inner fat kid sensibility about him).

After (you know, that CBS show that everyone knows exists but never watches).

She may or may not know it, but when she walks past, others take leave of their senses and devolve into a steaming mass of drool, totally consumed by lust.

In a funny cartoon, expect steam to shoot from their ears, their hearts beating so hard you can ''see'' them.

Impeccably and tenderly portrayed, Feldman, O’Connell, Wheaton, and Phoenix spun a nostalgic narrative for moviegoers, reminding us of that particular age in our lives when we dealt with friendship, loss, morality, and death with a less conscious vulnerability. King also didn’t help in the Kleenex department.)Corey Feldman.

As a child star, Corey Feldman took Hollywood by storm with his beady eyes and cherubic face.

Make straight females fall for her as hard as the straight boys, and she'll be a case of Even the Girls Want Her. If she just dresses like one, it's Naughty Nurse Outfit.

Closely related to and often overlaps with Lust Object.

I know the special magic that happens when female meets female , and the opposite polarity locks us together like magnets caught up in each other's sway. The short answer is easy: because I'm a dyke, and because butch women are just that -- women. Looking for photography buddy Shreveport Afternoon stroke buddy wanted. I think you have to decide how bad you want to fix things and how much it is worth to you to try.

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