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Now he’s shipwrecked by old age, egocentrism and his failing memory, doomed to live out his remaining years in the luxury hotels of Europe.

A collection of pictures has offered a glimpse inside the heavenly £4.5 million mansion which, according to legend, was lost by Lawrence of Arabia star Omar Sharif in a high-stakes card game just days after he bought it in the decedent heyday of the 1970s.

Nestled in a 7,000 metre sq complex built out of a volcanic quarry on the Spanish island of Lanzarote, the mansion, named Casa Omar Sharif because of its apparent connection to the Hollywood star, offers sweeping views, a private pool, lavish furnishings and private tunnels through the unique surrounding landscape.

Over the next seven years they made more than a dozen movies together.

But the relationship fell apart in 1962 when Sharif was cast as Sherif Ali in Lawrence Of Arabia.

Joseph Chalhoub was aghast to hear that his son wanted to be an actor.

When he forbade it, the teenager staged a suicide bid — slashing his wrists, though later he was adamant he had not really intended to kill himself. Raised in the Greek Catholic church, Omar converted to Islam, so that he and the Muslim Faten could marry.

This means there are all sorts of natural passageways and tunnels running throughout the whole building.

But it is said the star of Doctor Zhivago only owned the house for a few days before he lost it in a game of bridge to an Englishman called Sam Benady, the property developer responsible for the mansion's construction Mr Sharif, 82, had a worldwide reputation as an excellent bridge player but did not realise that Mr Benady was himself the European bridge champion when he gambled the home, which now has not one but two pools, pictured above The interior of the house features exposed wooden beams and lava formed rock, which is in contrast to the whitewashed walls.

In it, he plays an ageing Turkish Muslim shopkeeper who becomes a surrogate father to a Jewish boy.

Sharif was born in Alexandria, Egypt, to immigrants from Zahle, in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley.

Of his wives and lovers it was his affair with Barbra Streisand that would cause by far the biggest global stir.

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