Who is nick faldo dating

For example, almost all the thrice-married Nick Faldo's relationships have overlapped, and Greg Norman had a very brazen affair.

Norman's now ex-wife Laura Andrassy accepted a reported £50 million divorce settlement after his affair with former Wimbledon champion Chris Evert - who also happened to be her best friend.

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These, presumably, also include Mc Ilroy's Danish girlfriend and tennis star, Caroline Wozniacki.

Mc Ilroy was distinctly underwhelmed when Faldo and double major winner and former Ryder Cup captain Tony Jacklin issued their work plans.

Tiger Woods's career has certainly attracted birdies in both senses of the word. Professional golf has a purer-than-driven-snow image - on which multi-million pound sponsors trade heavily.

But the question is how did he find the time to play golf, let alone win 14 majors and become world No1, while accumulating at least nine lovers? That reputation is deserved on course, but it's a totally different story off course.

She has done nothing wrong and just wants to stay with Nick.'Maybe it's hard for him to accept that he is no longer one of the top players and thinks he will improve by being alone.'We are at a loss to explain.

But it is not the first time he has bought something and changed his mind.

When asked if she thought Norman had been faithful during their 25-year marriage, she simply said: 'No comment'.

Evert's former husband, erstwhile Olympic skier Andy Mills - also best friends with Norman - said: 'I'd have taken a bullet for the guy.

He soon established himself as one of the best golfers on the European Tour scene, but in 1983 the success story began to show cracks.

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