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Wyatt inherits acting skills from his family members as his grandparents Bing Russell, Rut Hawn, Laura Hawn and parent Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn are well known actors.

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Kimberly Wyatt, who was a part of the Grammy-nominated group from 2003 until 2010, visited Lulworth and Winfrith Primary School today.

She visited the school in her capacity as an ambassador for the Youth Sport Trust and gave 32 pupils, aged between eight and 11, a dance masterclass.

While playing hockey he was injured several times but his injuries does not reduced his dedication toward playing hockey.

He suffered from five concussions and during CT scan doctors has also found black spot in his brain.

And we are looking at how this will all translate to mass audiences and advertiser relationships." Elizabeth Wiatt serves on the board of the Natural Resources Defense Council and was co-owner of the short-lived teen clothing store, Fashionology L.

PUPILS at a Dorset school got their groove on with a former member of the Pussycat Dolls.

Wyatt begins his journey by playing with various amateur hockey teams along with one professional team.

Wyatt friends spread rumors that his mom and dad bought his place on the roster and later he tried to clarified but failed.

Kimberly Wyatt talks parenthood: ‘My daughter, Willow, is a tantrum toddler! Fitness is an amazing stress-buster, so walking the dog, dancing or yoga are my ‘me’ time. We jump on the trampoline, paint, cook and exercise with her daddy. It’s about keeping good food in the house and making healthy choices when you’re shopping. We try to stay as fresh as possible and keep our sugar intake in check. I was filming for Sky around Christmas and they were switching the cameras.

Willow got on the stage, demanded music and started performing in front of hundreds of people!

They will continue living in their Brentwood home for now and raise their children together. The agency veteran joined AOL's first post-Time Warner merger board in fall 2009.

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