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While I respect her opinion, I want to show another side to explain why I disagree.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kesha The process led her on a journey of self-discovery and healing after being embroiled in lawsuits with producer Dr.

Luke, preventing her from releasing new music until now. “I was alone and scared in rehab for an eating disorder that had gotten wildly out of control.

But Hamill, to a degree no one could have predicted, got in touch with his inner deranged demon-clown.

Where a lot of famous actors recede in animated roles, he tapped deep into a hidden side of himself.

Actor Ike Barinholtz – who played Griggs, a Belle Reve senior security officer of intimidated by the Joker — has revealed one of those scenes included a kiss between himself and Leto. But then he’s like, [panting and moaning again] ‘Did someone piss their pants?

“I do this scene with Jared Leto and he’s supposed to be intimidating me,” Ike told Howard Stern (via ), explaining how the improvised scene went down.

All in all, he’s got a lot on his villainous plate, but the joke is on him: Leto’s steely yet revved performance is just getting started when he’s relegated to the sidelines, where no good Joker should ever be left to laugh alone.

In the far-off days of 1992, it seemed an utterly wack idea: Let’s cast the earnest and slightly mopey Luke Skywalker as …

He’s been portrayed by a variety of actors over the years. Jared Leto, “Suicide Squad” If you’re the bad guy in a movie full of bad guys, you’re going to need to bring your demonic “A game,” and that’s just what Leto does — at least, in the early scenes of “Suicide Squad.” He’s the first hip-hop Joker, with dead eyes and a mouth full of silver-capped teeth that turn his menacingly-switched-on-and-off smile into a gangsta grimace.

He’s the most coldly homicidal of all Jokers, and also, ironically, the first one to have a girlfriend (Margot Robbie’s psychotic baby doll Harley Quinn).

“I had so many emotions, and I didn’t know how else to deal with them.

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