When your son is dating the wrong girl

(On Friday I’ll be posting 10 prayers for your daughter.) Here’s my friend, Brooke…

He looks at me with a “heels dug in” kind of glare.

Boys ache for independence from mama, and feel ready to “boldly go where no man has gone before.” They want to be strong, assert their opinions, and explore their own ideas. Any mother who’s willing to get on her knees and cry out for the heart of her son.

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There was such a response, I decided this week to have my friend Brooke Mc Glothlin write a guest post on 10 prayers for your son.

Does she look so peaceful, you don't want to wake her?

Well if you want to be sweet, seem like the best girl/guy ever in her eyes, and maybe score some extra points, here's how to carry your sleeping girl to bed.

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The 26-year-old Silver Linings Playbook actress first found herself in the news in 2014, when nude pictures of her and several other actresses were released online after their accounts were targeted by a hacker.But it is honestly, the most important thing you will ever do. And always walk your date to the door at the end of the night. On days like today, when he’s arguing with everything I say and trying his eight-year-old best to do things his way, it seems I’m fighting against him—like there’s a war going on in my house between me and my son, and a distance between us I want to bridge no matter the cost.I know from my education that this process of differentiation is pretty normal.Quantasia Sharpton, 21, appeared at a news conference with celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom on Monday and claimed she had hooked up with the Pop Ya Collar singer at a hotel after she was […] Actress Amber Heard and Elon Musk have released a joint statement about the rumors surrounding their break-up, insisting their busy schedules led to the amicable split.

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