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For this reason, many people wrote dates falling between January 1 and March 25 with double dates on the original document to clarify. The first year in a double date given is the Julian calendar, and the second given is the Gregorian calendar.

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Is the thought of another Tinder date totally, utterly soul-destroying?

Have you pretty much lost the will to date *ahem* live?

A double date comes from the transition from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar.

According to the Julian calendar, the first day of the year was March 25 and each year was 365 days and 6 hours long.

Now, we at Gurl have talked before about some of the dangers of double dating, but for those of you like me who like a visual component, I have put together 20 GIFs that explain the reasons why I think double dates can easily turn awful.

Like on last night’s Do you like going on double dates?Resist the Urge to Gossip When you’re thisclose with a couple, it’s can be easy to share secrets with just one member—but that can be a slippery slope, Hanks warns.If you’re having issues with your guy, the feedback you get from a friend who doesn’t spend a ton of time socializing with both of you may be less biased—and your chat is less likely to come back to haunt you in the future.4.So a birth recorded in the period between 1st January and 25th March is shown as (e.g.) 3rd March 1733/4 to show that that the date intended was in March of the Civil Year 1733 and the Historical Year 1734, that is, the month before April 1734.There are other complications to do with calculation of leap years, and changeover from Julian to Gregorian calendars, but I believe I've covered the primary usage of 'double dates'.Going on double dates is totally a personal preference and going on a date with another couple can sometimes help calm any jitters you may have.

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