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She added that the "clichéd" view that women become sex workers to pay for drug habits is wrong, and that "far more" women do it in order to support their families or fund their studies.

A Pennsylvania school district has been hit with another lawsuit over the remote activation of webcams on school-issued laptops.

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When the school district investigated the case, it found other incidents of webcam spying, and notified the students involved, including Levin.

According to the lawsuit, filed in Eastern Pennsylvania District Court, Levin's younger brother commented on a light near the webcam that appeared to go on and off at odd times.

The evidence was reportedly screen shots of Robbins from the school-issued laptop that appeared to show him taking pills. Robbins' family sued, as did a second student, Jalil Hassan.

In October, the school district reached a settlement with Robbins and Hassan for a total of $610,000 after the district's insurance carrier, Graphic Arts, agreed to cover more than $1.2 million in fees and costs associated with the litigation.

(Additional healthcare programs are available through the School of Applied Sciences on the Oxford campus.) Other than these exceptions, the schools above are on the Oxford campus.

University students are earning up to £150 a day as webcam sex workers to fund their studies with one woman agreeing to attack a man for hundreds of pounds, it has been revealed.

It was intended as a means to locate lost or stolen laptops, but was apparently activated in more questionable circumstances as well.

The tracking software came to light when Blake Robbins, a student at the high school, was allegedly called into the assistant principal's office and accused of taking drugs.

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