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Terence Mackay, 45, appeared in the dock at Chester Crown Court last week for his trial after being accused of two counts of rape.The court heard the pair met on the dating app in December 2015 before exchanging numbers and messaging on Whats App."It is the defence's case that she is lying, serious exaggerating as to what went on." The court heard Mackay was in 'shock and disbelief' and his life was 'ruined' after the police came to his home.

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"He sent me a message at 4am and said 'thank you for kicking me out'. Defence barrister Paul Wood stated the case 'ultimately boils down to one word against the other'.

He said: "They accept having consensual intercourse at some point.

Prosecution barrister Mark Connor said: "The prosecution alleges the defendant went further – he was only interested in satisfying his own sexual desires. "She essentially froze and feared the repercussions of confrontation. She told police she wanted to be liked." During a police video interview, shown to the jury on Tuesday, March 7, the victim, who appeared in court via video link, said she deleted her Tinder account the following morning. " The court heard Mackay was 'living with his wife but accepted his marriage was over'.

She added: "I was doing all I could to get him out of the house. Jury members were also told Mackay said the woman 'seemed to be enjoying' sex upstairs.

The prop has been handed a Grade B charge of reckless striking with the shoulder, but has the option of an early guilty plea.

Westerman has been handed a Grade A charge of dangerous contact from the same game, relating to a fifth-minute incident involving Tigers prop Grant Millington.

The 17-year-old was suffocated to death in front of her siblings.

To raise awareness of ‘honour-based’ killing, a national day of memory was set up by Karma Nirvana.

The third Shafilea Ahmed Day will take place next Friday, July 14 on what would have been her 31st birthday after suffering years of ‘honour-based’ violence by those who were meant to love and protect her.

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