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These days, almost every teen has many ways to get online: via smartphones, tablets, and laptops, all of which can be used in private.

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We’re professional life coaches, dedicated to helping our clients discover the things that make them come alive, the things that bring them joy. “You may have heard about the nude beaches on the French side.” There was a smattering of snickers before the voice behind the microphone intoned, “Don’t get excited — you won’t see Bo Derek on the beach; it’s gonna be more like Bo Diddley.” The next morning, we conquered our hesitation and grabbed a cab to the famously clothing-optional Orient Beach — just to see what all the fuss was about.

Fifteen years ago, we took a weeklong honeymoon cruise to the Caribbean, a relaxing start to a new life together after the fanfare of a big traditional wedding.

The victim’s mother told Q13 News she was home at the time of the assault but didn’t know anything happened until she discovered her daughter partially naked and covered in scratches and blood inside their backyard shed where police said the violent assault occurred.

One by one, the suspects, ages 13, 14 and 17, faced a judge in Tacoma.

Pierce County Sheriff’s deputies said the crime happened early Monday morning in the Lakebay community.

Several teenage boys, the victim and her younger sister were in the girl’s backyard shed and some of them had been drinking alcohol.

This gear would become Scar Jo’s wardrobe for the bulk of Under the Skin, and the character’s dated black hairstyle was a conscious decision made by the Avengers co-star.

In fact, if she was going to get naked, she didn't want it to be glamorous nudity. Here's a portion of what she said to W: With all due respect to the beautiful Ms.

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