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Disambiguation: Clinical data validation means checking clinical data for correctness and completeness.

Data validation is a series of documented tests of the data with the goal of ensuring the quality and integrity of the data.

More specifically, validation is usually concerned with checking four of the eight characteristics of good clinical data – these characteristics are from the first guidance and the first other reference listed below.

SAS is currently the dominant software tool for data preparation and statistical analysis in this domain.

There is a misconception that SAS is the preferred software of the FDA, the regulatory agency that oversees clinical trials, but in fact the FDA does not endorse or require use of any specific software.

With the advent of additional electronic capabilities recently with the growth of Internet-based products to enhance business operations in many fields, the clinical trials industry remains uniquely behind most other industries in electronic technology adoptions.

Valid reasons exist for the slow growth of technology adoptions in clinical trial activities, but there are now discussions about how to use technology more effectively in clinical trial conduct.

R is well-known for its use in pre-clinical data analysis in drug research.

In the relatively unregulated phases before human subjects are exposed to new compounds, researchers have the opportunity to explore data with a variety of techniques.

As a programmer in the pharmaceutical community, I have been waiting years for a book like this.

Validating data for clinical trials is crucial to not only portraying the data accurately but also to save money!

I believe that pharmaceutical companies should purchase this book for each and every employee who works in or around clinical data.1.

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