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After establishing my alias and having the first real anxiety attack of my adult life, I posted the following ad on a Thursday afternoon, trying to set up dates for that weekend.

As soon as I posted it, the replies started rolling in.

Please go to and setup an account with your profile pic and some personal interests for your profile.

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chris pine dating dominique piek - Using craigslist for dating

The safety of online dating is one to carefully consider when setting up Internet dating profiles and we can help make it safer for you and for your contacts. The fact is that online dating sites provide a great opportunity to expand your horizons.

However, many people stay away from them because they are concerned about getting scammed or conned.

How many times have you heard a cute, smart, single guy or girl spout some stupid platitude like, “there are no cute, single straight/gay guys/girls in this city? So with Valentine’s Day approaching, I decided to suck it up and embrace a more positive dating attitude.

” I’ll be honest — I’ve not just heard it, I’ve said it. What if, instead of bemoaning the state of the world, whining to my friends, and abusing my vibrator, I just went on a bunch of dates?

After a divorce he didn’t see coming, Smith found himself more than a decade out of the dating game and very, very alone.

“I tried every dating site out there,” he tells me.Most of us would feel better if we knew we were viewing averified online dating profile right?Yes, of course because this would tell us that the person we are dealing with is real and they are not hiding something if they took the time to be verified.It’s ugly, it’s arguably broken, and you know, there’s that whole Craigslist Killer thing.I mean, if there is a Lifetime movie (especially one featuring the incomparable Billy Baldwin) about the dangers of something, as a rule of thumb you probably should avoid said thing.Craigslist is many things to many people: To the modern Internet denizen, it’s an unsightly holdover from Web 1.0.

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