Updating symevent

To diagnose the issue, enable verbose MSI logging using the /l*v parameter. /l*v) will show that the MSI is not finding the in the location where the install files are stored, because the MSI has the wrong "Installpath" location.

updating symevent-31

The first step with recovery is to use Windows Safe Mode option during startup.

One Safe Mode option that will help troubleshoot boot problems is to enable Boot Logging which will create a log and help identify the device or driver that is causing the problem during startup.

Please try again or check with your Notes administrator".

The Smart Upgrade kit contains a batch file (.bat) with the MSIEXEC command line.

Msiexec /i Client Update.msi) to either or the Fix Pack install kit.

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RESULT: Smart Upgrade Install will fail with the following error: "Upgrade did not complete successfully.

Please try again or check with your Notes administrator." This issue has been reported to Quality Engineering in SPR TMDS8UWHCP, and is currently under investigation.

DLL Loaded driver \WINDOWS\system32\Loaded driver Loaded driver \WINDOWS\System32\DRIVERS\WMILIB.

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