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This time period is usually adequate to identify any critical issues and gives vendors time to notify their customers.

This page serves as the most current source for i OS operating system and firmware updates for Bad Elf products.

Apple File System (APFS) replaces the older HFS way of arranging your files, and now it's optimized for flash and SSD storage. We haven't experience problems, but you never know.

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Even with a perfectly clear sky it can take a few minutes before a lock can be established in some situations.

Most i Phones made in the last few years have had fairly solid GPS sensors.

Fast; works anywhere you have a cell signal; but accuracy is highly variable depending on signal strength and interference, distance from cell towers, obstacles, and the total number of cell towers in range of your phone If your location as reported by SCRUFF is occasionally inaccurate within a half mile (under ~1km)--especially while indoors and/or in hilly and/or urban areas--please consider the information above.

The keys to a GPS lock are clear access to the sky and patience.

If you have a problem with i OS 10 you don't see here, let us know on Twitter and we'll do our best to help, and we'll tell you how to solve right on them this page.

Just know, you're not alone if you're experiencing i OS 10 problems, as the i Phone and i Pad update has run into a number of issues.

However, recently some i Phone users reflect that there is something goes wrong with the GPS on their i Phone.

The location on Apple Maps, Google Maps is way off, varies from a few meters and a few kilometers. So here in this post, we’ll sum up some troubleshooting tips to help.

There's a really good reason for that:i OS 10 compatibility goes back to the i Phone 5, i Phone 5C and the i Pad 4th Gen.

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