Updating active directory schema Naughty chatroom no registration

As I run into this question frequently on the different Office 365 forums, I though I’d make a more detailed post about it.Here’s the TL; DR version: if you have extended the schema, rerun the AADConnect setup (Azure tool)!The other bit of info of interest is that the schema uses a floating single-master model. This means that updates can occur simultaneously on multiple domain controllers and the changes will replicate across the domain.

Samba AD supports the same kind of schema extensions as Microsoft Active Directory.

Schema updates in AD are a sensitive action and you must be prepared to do a full restore of the DC holding the role of schema master if something goes wrong.

By default, domain controllers have read-only access to the schema, irregardless of the account attempting the access.

To jump into the world of schema customization, you will have to use the following Windows 2000 registry hack: Hive: group.

It controls what kinds of objects can exist in the schema db and what the object's attributes can be.

You can customize the schema using the MMC snap-in called the . But should you have to, there are significant barriers Microsoft put in place to make sure this is not a casual task.Exchange 2007, OCS, SCOM all require schema changes for example, it's not just something that happens when you are considering a major shift from (say) a Windows 2003 to a Windows 2008 infrastructure.What I'm looking for is advice on the best backout plan for schema changes, just in case it actually does go wrong.In order to allow them, the option dsdb:schema update allowed must be set to true in the or passed on the command line.As getting an LDIF that won't ruin the provision can be hard, this page will list LDIFs that are known not to break the database.Right click on the domain and select Operations Masters in the menu.

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