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As a result, there is really no official name for this symbol.

History tells us that the @ symbol stemmed from the tired hands of the medieval monks.

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Suburban Auto Group is an auto dealership located about 20 miles east of Portland, Oregon, but they came up with a series of world-class commercials when they invented the Trunk Monkey!

Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest / Eyes on Apes November 2015 Over a decade ago, Suburban Auto Group started airing commercials that exploited chimp "actors" for a cheap laugh.

This type of treatment is routine for chimpanzees who are still used in entertainment.

Erinn Sowle Suburban Auto Group, General Manager [email protected] Ford 37000 Highway 26 Sandy OR 97055 Suburban Chevrolet 36936 Highway 26 Sandy OR 97055 Suburban Auto Group uses graphic designs of chimpanzees with wide toothy grins, which looks like a human smile, but is actually called a "fear grimace." It is appalling that Suburban Auto Group continues to use this graphic after Eyes on Apes has repeatedly explained how it sends a harmful message.

I especially loved the one with Mickey Rooney in which they are hunting the "wild Rainier". If you've never seen them check them out--especially the earlier ones. You Tube - rainierbeertv's Channel Olympia Beer, another Washington state beer (also now defunct) tried to go the humerous route for awhile. Suburban Auto Group :: TRUNK MONKEY COMMERCIALSI don't think it counts as great but lately I've been enjoying the insurance commercial with the dog with a bone he's worried about.

My favorite there was the one with the "artesians". Well executed, I really love the song "worry worry worry" the dog is cute Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. Over ,000 in prizes has already been given out to active posters on our forum.

and then shaking the hands of the lawyers.) Oh boy! you know what commercial I used to rock out to was the READ TO ME when they wanted the library levy to pass.... I made it into a ringtone on my phone though..Also.

Did anyone bring up those Jeff Heitz ads, that ran before and during The Blade lock-outs. Especially the 1 where a few Bronde's sales people were holding stray cats over the cars and giving the cars a "Cat-Scan." The 1 where they chopped the car in half with a chainsaw was okay too.

The ones I can't stand are the commercials that must be made locally with the really bad singing: ie the Reynolds Corner Dentist---"making every something, something" ...waking up to that watching the local news in the morning, can't stand them!! Hi Loves, Carlos Summer here, founder of the Crusade of Love for all of mankind. I guess it was some kind of wacko cult that his family tried to keep going. I guess the commercials appeal to the kind of people that watch too much local commercial TV, that is to say voters:) I blame infomercials citing easy real estate money on the coming 10 year decline in housing prices. Molson: I like the rhythms during the LG part I hate the commercial on the Cable Preview channel for Grandma's Kitchen.

I actually liked that one and thought it was better than all the others - combined! I remember the Affordable Chiropratic ones and they were bad. What gets me is the use of non-local firms that mispronounce local areas like Mowmee. You can help to accomplish this goal for love by thinking, speaking, and acting in friendly ways with family, friends, coworkers and all of our neighbors everywhere. How about Sam Bolotin's "You Can Call me Sam" and then he gives that big stupid fake grin. Did you know he was dead and gone for years when they were running those ads? Brondes was always out there bashing in windshields, then there was one for Carpet Center, I believe was the business - where the guy just sat there with a big cigar and said "I want your carpet business".. the Brondes bros came out sitting on stools with cigars and said "We want your car business" and the Carpet center guy had a couple matchbox cars on a carpet and he was hitting them with a hammer.. By the way, does anyone remember the old Porch of the Maidens restaurant commercial where the waitress poured wine over whom I presumed to be the owner/manager?

I was anti-Appliance Center commercials until they did the one with the kids singing/dancing... ” I’ve asked Steve repeatedly what “Turtle” means and he consistently insists that it means nothing but has referred to the old Brondes ads. I think I remember seeing it in the late '70s, and the last time I recall seeing it was 1986 (my freshman year of college). uggghghhh to this day I cringe when I see that commercial lol Stooks: That commercial on TV has a nice visual appeal but I jump out of skin when the sound comes on.

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