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That's not what people want long-term, though, according to the Elite Singles research.

In a relationship, kindness doesn't just mean holding your babe's hand or bringing them food (though that's always much appreciated. It means being considerate and careful in how you treat them all the time.“It’s scientifically proven that kindness and generosity are the two most important elements to a lasting relationship," relationship psychologist Salama Marine said.

She lamented that once you connect with someone, they usually just want a short-term physical relationship — nothing long-term or committed.

They're just looking for their perfect match: a woman who's down-to-earth, sweet and sensitive to his needs. and smart Acting like a bimbo loses its novelty to men after high school. You get stuck in your Friday night dinner dates and you lose that spark you had when you first started dating each other. Men love a woman who can do things spur-of-the-moment (like grabbing him by the shirt collar and pulling him into the bedroom before he goes to work for some morning fun?

Is she the girl next door with gorgeous good looks and double-Ds? Contrary to what you might think, most guys aren't looking for a supermodel. One of the first things to go in a relationship is the spontaneity. Biting remarks and snappy comebacks are just the witty repartee to keep the spark between you in your relationship.

If he can't trust you — how can he ever see you as his girlfriend ...

A little white lie over flirty texts with an old guy friend from college can spiral out of control very quickly into a full-blown fight ...

This is particularly good news, especially after one study found we're in a "dating apocalypse" because of all the nastiness involved in online dating.

From unsolicited naked pictures to relentless lies, things can get pretty mean out there. Today is World Kindness Day, so Elite Singles looked into just how much being kind factors into finding love. It's surprisingly simple, but makes so much sense: kindness.They wanted to know exactly what people are looking for in their next boo, and where kindness ranked in what had to be a very long list of desired traits.It turns out kindness is the single most important thing people want in dating.The description here looks back across many faithful seasons in the life of a virtuous Verse 11: “The heart of her husband trusts in her.” He is never worried about her faithfulness to him.

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