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COLUMBUS, OH—Going about his daily routine without any knowledge of what would transpire in the near future, local black man Richard Phillips was said to be blissfully unaware Thursday that his name would be a social media hashtag by the end of the week.

NEW YORK—Regretting the missed opportunity, local Islamophobe Rob Alderson expressed disappointment Monday when the manhunt for the New York City bombing suspect concluded before he even had a chance to indiscriminately vilify the entire Muslim community.

MILWAUKEE—Frequently choking back tears, African-American computer technician Michael Shaw bid an emotional goodbye to his wife and 6-year-old son before making his morning commute Thursday, sources confirmed.

COLUMBIA, SC—Saying that his services had never been more in demand, Andrew Lewis, a local black man who supports flying the Confederate flag, announced plans Monday to triple his media appearance rates.

Previously, I had assumed that I had to wait around for guys to make the first move, but since all the rules of heteronormativity were now off the table, I took a more active role in initiating relationships.

The first woman I had a crush on was pretty much femme catnip as far as bois go.

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And while I may have been adjusting to the idea of liking queer folks who were masculine of center, I wasn’t prepared for was the persistent and deeply ingrained misogyny that I often faced from MOC queers.

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