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She had a nice profile–well written, plenty of photos, etc.

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The word married, whether used as a noun, verb or adjective sounds past tense and settled.

Married rolls off the tongue with the thud of dirt clods falling on a casket.

If trend makers have their way, height will no longer disqualify short men from dating picky women.

Fashion watchers report that stylish men have adopted high-heeled shoes.

Of course there's a middle relationship status where you are engaged (again sounding rather stale and settled), but even in that state you and other soon-to-be wedded couples can tell others you're marrying that special someone at a future date. I suppose we should be thankful that most couples refer to themselves as married rather than weddedthe latter having dead phonetically in its pronunciation.

It's clear that marriage needs a language makeover. It's easy to simply blame the English language, but we've perpetuated the point that once you get married everything is over.

Think about this, when you are single and looking you are dating. I'm not Don Draper so I don't have a new special word that makes being married sound like an amusement park stuffed into a bottle.

When you've found that special someone and become exclusive to that one person the two of you are still dating. That only happens when you put a ring on your finger and become married. This is the hand the quirky English language has dealt us.

Louis with my parents, who were visiting from out of town.

I had a great time, and I swore to myself that the next year I would return with a date, because it seems like it would be a great date.

The standards for sex, relationships, and dating will continue to loosen as the hookup culture continues on it current trajectory.

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