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Yesterday post flight and no sleep I quite madly headed straight to the mat.

I didn't have quite such a magical view as I did here @sanaratulum but my oh my was a good stretch the perfect antidote to 10 hours of travelling 🙏🏻 A post shared by Tess Ward (@tessward) on It makes sense that Tess would have a way to burn off all those calories from her food!

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The flip side is that the lunacy of running becomes more apparent when your partner is a nonparticipant.

After all, who returns home from early morning races, your significant other still fast asleep as you furtively climb back into bed like a sweaty philanderer.

So, a British version of Fame meets High School Musical?

‘Absolutely not,’ say Sapphire Elia, Mitch Hewer and Georgina Hagen, the three young stars who play the leading love triangle in the nine-part series.

Gmorning me lovelies, my interview with @hellofashion_uk talking all things food and London fashion week is going live on their You Tube today, so do take a peek💥 #tessward #lfw #allthehealth A post shared by Tess Ward (@tessward) on If you weren't already motivated to get in shape for summer, then just take one look at her impressive abs.

Bathing suit season is right around the corner and we're dying to know her fitness secrets. Kourtney Kardashian Wants You to Know She's Having Sex With Her New 23-Year-Old Boyfriend!My wife and I have a deal: every time she joins me for a run around the park near where we live, I buy her flowers.I’m still not entirely sure why I agreed to this, but so far the arrangement hasn’t driven me to destitution. Being a runner who lives with a non-runner has its upsides.In the past five years, we’ve gone running together three times. For one thing, it allows for a little healthy perspective—a reminder that some people, indeed the vast majority of people, really couldn’t care less about whether they manage to get in at least eight miles before dinner.There are tragedies in the world of much greater consequence than the fact that you missed your Sunday long run—like meeting your significant other at a trendy brunch spot dressed in split shorts and a singlet.George Ure who attended Mountview Academy also auditioned before his success in the Musical Wicked where he played Boq.

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