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In arrest papers, police said Edwards had communicated with what he thought was the girl via cell phone, Google Voice, Craigslist email and a Google email account.A former middle school substitute teacher from California has been ordered to stand trial for allegedly engaging in sex acts with a male student.

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A Fresno police officer testified during Tuesday's pretrial hearing that Nelson was the one who had initiated the relationship after running into the boy in the hallway and telling him he was 'cute,' reported the station KFSN.

A man was arrested in Virginia Wednesday on charges of murdering a teenager he solicited for sex in a Tamarac hotel room last month, police said.

Martis faces seven felony counts in all related to the incidents, six involving a 16-year-old girl from June through September 2013.

The girl told authorities in November 2015 that the acts happened after text messages with Martis during her sophomore year.

Tyquan Pearson, 25, is accused of killing 19-year-old Brittney Taylor of Fort Lauderdale after she walked into his Comfort Suites hotel room on Commercial Boulevard May 25, according to a statement from the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

Detectives said surveillance video from the hotel captured footage of Taylor entering room 331 at the Comfort Suites after she was dropped off by a car around 11 a.m. About four hours later, the video showed Pearson leaving alone with a large stroller carrying some items, including a blue storage container.

They say Patton caused the minor accident around a.m. When the girl pulled over and got out of the van, Patton forced her behind the vehicle, out of sight of passing motorists, and sexually assaulted her, they said.

The Orange County district attorney’s office said the girl was able to escape and drive home when Patton became startled by passing cars. The teen reported the incident to Huntington Beach police later that afternoon, and investigators later linked Patton to the assault with forensic evidence, including a partial handprint left on the van's door.

Pearson then had his girlfriend, who believed the container was holding old clothes and items for donation, drive him to a storage unit to drop it off, according to the statement.

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