Technorati feed not updating

After several researches we found out the solution for Feedburner feeds not updating issue in wordpress and we are here to help with that problem.

Login to your Feedburner account and you will see Feed medic alerts which monitors the health of your feed and notifies you if anything bad with your source feed.

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So you can see why I wanted to have the thumbnail updated , i.e. Plus if people use the google preview plugin they will be expecting a website to look like the picture.

So down to business; it is possible to tell Alexa to revisit and take a new screenshot to be used with you site.

They were lucky that they had cameras installed in the home and were able to catch the perpetrators on film.

After posting pictures of them on her Facebook page (a good use of social networking), another friend recognized the intruders as Keri’s high school classmates.

You don’t know who is looking at your private information because it’s truly not private – it’s public.

Keri Mc Mullen found this out the hard way after she posted a simple status message that she was going to see a band with her fiancé.

Just login to your blogger account click settings make sure yes is selected in add your blog to our listings?

Now Technorati receives alerts from blog servers whenever you made a post on your blog. Automatically Pinging Technorati: After the above three steps still your blog posts not indexed ,then make it automate to ping Technorati Automatically by adding below code into windows live writer Ping servers.

When you ping a service it notifies the world that your blog, website, RSS feed, or podcast has recently been updated or created.

If you are using Yoast SEO, there is no need to Ping Yahoo or as the plugin does it for you.

Click on that link and check whether your feed has problems.

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