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Strong economic development of the area continued during the reign of Casimir's son - Duke Alexander Jagiellon who founded the first solid bridge over the Neman River as well as Monastery of Order of Saint Augustine and Monastery of Polish Ordo Fratrum Minorum.

The capital, Grodno, is the biggest city of the region.

Many consider this city one of the most beautiful in Belarus: one of its masterpieces survived through the centuries, Orthodox St Boris & St Gleb (Kalozhskaya) Church dating back to the 12th century, is the second oldest in Belarus.

In Latin it was known as Grodna (-ae), in Polish as Grodno and in Yiddish as גראָדנע. The modern city of Grodno originated as a small fortress and a fortified trading outpost maintained by the Rurikid princes on the border with the lands of the Baltic tribal union of the Yotvingians. Along with Navahrudak, Grodno was regarded as the main city on the western borderlands of Black Ruthenia.

The border region neighboured the original Lithuania.

Later, Bona Sforza Queen of Poland and Grand Duchess of Lithuania, placed in Grodno her royal residence.

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This region was the westernmost "borderlands" of the Early East Slavs (tribal union Dregovichs?

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