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To deal with this dilemma, Chance turns to the opposite ends of the high school spectrum for help.

Low budget horror film with an interesting premise.

Fans of an old school slasher film decide to track down the films locations and those involved with it get more than they bagined for.

Armie Hammer not gay Ben Affleck (maybe bi) Channing Tatum not gay Charlie Hunnam not gay (maybe bi) Chris Pine not gay Christian Bale not gay Christian Campbell not gay Cillian Murphy not gay Damian Lewis not gay Dane De Haan not gay Daryl Wein not gay Eddie Redmayne not gay Evan Peters not gay Ewan Mc Gregor not gay Hayden Christensen not gay Hugh Dancy not gay Hugh Jackman not gay (maybe bi) James Marsden not gay James Mc Avoy not gay Jason Earles not gay Jay Baruchel not gay Jennifer Garner (maybe bi) John Krasinski not gay Jon Hamm not gay Josh Hartnett not gay Macklemore not gay Mark Wahlberg not gay Matt Damon not gay Matthew Mc Conaughey not gay (maybe bi) Michael Sheen not gay Mike Vogel not gay Paul Rudd not gay Paul Walker (late) not gay Rory Cochrane not gay Sam Riley not gay Sam Worthington not gay Seth Green not gay Shawn Hatosy not gay Timothy Olyphant not gay Tom Hardy not gay Tom Welling not gay The jury is still out on the following. Tobey Maguire’s marriage was the most manufactured Hollywood marriage in memory. The daughter of the President of Universal, Ron Meyer – (president of the entire company Universal; movies, video, TV, theme parks, etc.) Now, Ashton Kutcher is the biggest mystery of all.

Max Irons Henry Cavill Michael Fassbender Bo Barrett Joel Edgerton Luke Schroder (Ricky Schroder’s son) Thomas Mann Stephen Dorff Colin Hanks Chad Michael Murray (two failed marriages) Joaquin Phoenix Ethan Hawke (former marriage of convenience to a lesbian, we’re sure) Uma Thurman (former marriage of convenience to a homosexual, we’re almost sure) Tobey Maguire (marriage of convenience) Jared Padalecki Justin Chatwin Ashton Kutcher (former marriage of convenience to a lesbian, Demi Moore) Anthony Clark Yes. Well, since the ‘marriage’ of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Rumors have abounded for almost two decades that Demi Moore is a lesbian.

While not terrible, it does leave much to be desired.

A group of twenty-somethings set out on a hunt for a long lost and notorious horror film.Knowing that he preferred the same sex, yet seeing him kissing and copulating on screen with the opposite, would make many people in the world heads spin. It’s the fact that worldwide audiences – and the majority of the movie box office receipts comes from overseas, where (in some countries) being gay is still cause for execution – might not ‘believe’ their acting on the big screen if it involved the kissing or having sex with a woman. If you’re very good looking, male and single, with no history of ever having dated a woman – or at least not since high school – you might as well admit it. CONFIRMED = Outed themself or have been publicly outed by various news organizations and/or by more than three other high profile Hollywood publicists or executives to Wild About Movies publisher, Tim Nasson! Because, for the most part, with the exception of Leonardo Di Caprio, (whom many high powered executives in Hollywood have confirmed, off the record, is gay, and his highly public romances with supermodels are for just that, appearances), virtually everyone on the above list has a profile on the most popular movie website in the world, com, created by their publicists or it is something that they created on their own. More importantly, these foreigners may take things one step further and boycott gay actors who are out and their movies. And, as of publication of this article, (3PM EST, 2/6/07), virtually all of their IMDB profiles did not include a spouse or significant other, of the opposite sex, nor any mention of ever having had a girlfriend*. In addition, as being gay and having interviewed virtually every actor on each of the lists on this page during the past 20 years, and having been in and around Hollywood for as long, (friends with many celebrities, gay and straight, who love to gossip), it’s hard to not come to such conclusions. The only one with anything to ‘lose’ by coming out, if he is gay, Leonardo Di Caprio. movie box office grosses account for the most part – each major release – 60% of any particular movie’s gross). And, even if you have the best publicist in Hollywood, we’re on to you and know you’re really into.His star is so high – worldwide – that coming out publicly would mean, at least for a time, people (gay and straight) would laugh at the site of him kissing a starlet on the big screen. The main reason why gay male actors of such a high profile do not come out is not that they are embarrassed about being gay. If you’re good looking, and a male celebrity, or a very famous female celebrity, the rumors about the possibility that you’re gay begin faster than you can say Dorothy. We’ve coined the term fauxmance for the celebrities whose publicists pay US Weekly to do stories about their ‘straight’ romances; Leonardo Di Caprio, Jake Gyllenhaal and Justin Timerblake (who even went so far as to get married), among the many, all of whom we either know are gay or have been told by reliable sources are gay.To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here.

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