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Jim Kenney, Ayana Bradshaw University of Pennsylvania, Thomas Jefferson University, Temple University, Maternity Care Coalition, Drexel University, Department of Public Health, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Broad Street Ministry Get Healthy Philly collaborations, community, Community Driven Research Day, partnerships Aug.11, 2017 pm The immigrants rights organization is still in South Philly.There’s vegan speed dating, speed dating for Harry Potter fans—heck, there’s even speed dating for dogs.

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Positive facial expressions like smiling and laughing do double duty – they signal that someone is feeling close to another person and they also make that other person feel closer in return.

Previous research has shown that between committed partners, gestures like nodding, smiling and leaning forward are linked to those partners’ self-reported feelings of love.

“When participants agreed to exchange contact information with someone, their decision was not random, or independent from everyone else’s.

People who were considered more attractive got more contact requests, and made fewer requests of their own.

The findings, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, show that for the postures of both men and women, bigger is often better – and offer some insight into why those gestures are so attractive.

In all stages of romance, body language does a lot of the talking.

Scott and his team were interested in how ubiquitous technologies in the home could help activity management for these families.

He explained that they came up with countless concepts. He continued that the common approach might be: Why not build it and see?

In today's dating scene, people tend to make quick judgments.

Body language suggesting openness or expansiveness can affect success, according to a study newly out of UC Berkeley.

Event-goers were matched with others in similar age groups and told to ride the lift and... If one person wasn't into it, they could peace out and go find another match (or just go skiing).

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