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The proclamation of the President of the United States announcing the result of the election and admitting Utah to the Union as a state was issued 4 January 1896.

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The earliest known reference was in a Utah newspaper, the Ogden Examiner, which published a story in 1919 with the headline “Ross Will Again Ride Shotgun on Old Stage Coach” —Ross being A. Ross, a famous old shotgun messenger with a reputation as a badass, who once took on five stagecoach robbers all by himself, shooting them down in a hail of bullets to successfully defend $80,000 in gold bunion. “Riding shotgun” as a phrase that cowboys use, even though they actually didn’t, became a popular trope in movie Westerns and cowboy fiction from the 20th century, the most memorable being John Wayne’s 1939 classic Stagecoach, in which Marshal Curly Wilcox (played by George Bancroft) proclaims, “I’m going to Lordsburg with Buck.

(Return to UP Caboose Index Page) (Return to UP Steel Caboose Index Page) The earliest steel cabooses to face retirement on Union Pacific were five cabooses retired due to wreck damage, prior to the 25000-series renumbering in 1959.

Two cabooses were renumbered and re-assigned to maintenance-of-way service as 903002 (ex-CA-4 25025, in 1971) and 903003 (ex-CA-4 25173, in 1970).

The first recorded donations of steel cabooses took place in 1970 when 25061 was donated to the City of Albion, Nebraska, and 25004 was donated for use as a purple-painted visitor information center at Farmington, Utah.

So they hired scary-looking dudes called “shotgun messengers,” whose only job was to look threatening and, when necessary, kill anybody who tried to pillage their delivery.

“He generally sat at the right of the driver because, assuming he was right handed, it would have been easier to handle the weapon,” says W. Jameson, the author of several bestselling books about the Old West, like Billy the Kid: Beyond the Grave.

It’s a time honored tradition, and there’s even a “Shotgun Rules” website devoted to the minutiae of how to correctly call shotgun.

While we all agree that shotgun is the law of the land, we don’t usually question why.

The inauguration of state officers took place on January 6, 1896.

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