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Once you configure these variables, run this job through cron every hour, and only once an hour.

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Run the following command to configure the Sophos installer with the needed credentials for your Sophos Enterprise server, with the fallback option of updating from the update feed hosted by Sophos: sudo ./Create Update Preconfig -Primary Server Type 2 -Primary Server User Name SMB_Username_Goes_Here -Primary Server Password SMB_Password_Goes_Here -Primary Server URL smb:// Update/CIDS/S000/ESCOSX -Secondary Server Type 0 -Secondary Server User Name Sophos_Username_Goes_Here -Secondary Server Password Sophos_Password_Goes_Here Note: If your username contains special characters, use quotes around the username.

For example, if the Primary Server User Name value is an Active Directory account where you need to include the domain, the Primary Server User Name value should look like this: 6.

This utility performs a number of maintenance tasks to ensure that your Comm Serve performs optimally.

On the Comm Serve computer, perform the following steps: For more information on this tool, see DBMaintenance Utility.

You are not a member of one of the Sophos groups…” •I am having problems uninstalling Sophos from my computer The Sophos installer files fail to extract properly Before the actual installation process begins, Sophos will attempt to extract and copy all of the installation files into your C:\Windows\Temp folder.

Some anti-spyware programs may prevent you from extracting these files properly.I had previously written about deploying Sophos Enterprise Anti-Virus for Mac 9.2.x, but I was recently notified that the method I had been using would stop working in a future release of Sophos.Sophos has a KBase article about pre-configuring their installer application with the Auto Update settings, but I also wanted to be able to deploy Sophos using an installer package.Please temporarily disable any anti-spyware programs on your computer.I already have another anti-virus application installed on my computer. Before installing Sophos, make sure that you have already uninstalled all other anti-virus programs (such as Norton Anti-Virus, Mc Afee Virus Scan, etc.) from your computer.You can only set up scheduled scans if your user account is a member of the Sophos Administrators Group in your computer's Users and Groups definition.

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