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Some of the first self-proclaimed vegetarians were the Pythagoreans, a title derived from the Greek philosopher Pythagoras, creator of the geometric Pythagorean theorem.Though Pythagoras loaned his name to the meatless diet, it is unclear whether or not he followed a strict vegetarian regimen.Strict followers of veganism do not eat honey or wear leather or wool.

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Hence in this article, I want to provide you with an important foundation of facts, from all angles, of the benefits of veganism over vegetarianism.

Just before we go any further, I want to define what I mean by vegetarian and vegan, so that we are all on the same page.

Some suspect that in addition to his usual breakfast of honey and dinner of barley bread with vegetables that he may have eaten fish as well, which would have made him a pescatarian by today’s standards.

Followers of Pythagoras adopted his dietary restrictions, believing that they were helpful in aiding longevity.

They know how to make up for what they don’t get in meat and dairy, but that’s often not the case in the people becoming vegans today on the basis of pictures they see online.” New research has also revealed the number of Britons who are vegan has increased 350 per cent over the course of the last decade.

The Vegan Society estimates that at least 542,000 people in the UK are currently vegan.

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