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“I’ve dated most of my boyfriends for at least a year or more.” Serial monogamy is not one long-term relationship, however. : You still talk about your exes even when you’re in a new relationship with someone else.When most people enter a new relationship, the object of their affection consumes their lives for a period of time.

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So it takes a little skill, or experience to identify one, and that’s what we’ll be discussing today!

But before I get into this topic, I should apologize for not writing a blog post sooner.

We enlisted the help of Stephan Labossiere, certified relationship expert and author of . Of all the signs that you’re a serial monogamist, this is probably the most obvious.

“A serial monogamist always wants to be in a relationship,” says Stephan. A serial monogamist is seeing only one person at a time, while the dater can be seeing multiple people at one time. Whether it’s a 5-week fling or a 3-year love, you’re never without a boyfriend.

For this blog post, I want to share some of the feedback I have received from members and close friends about the few types of people who use Whats Your, and more importantly, how to identify a “serial dater” – i.e., someone who is only interested in dating with no serious intentions of becoming involved in a serious relationship. They are both men and women, generous and attractive.

There are of course many reasons why certain men and women choose to be serial daters (and we’ll be covering this later), but what’s common across all serial daters is they will never advertise or admit that they are serial daters.

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