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This must drive them and their love interests crazy because provocative eye contact and inter-gender chat between strangers is also taboo.The religious police will arrest anyone caught violating these laws: flirters be warned.

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The most common ploy is for a man to write his mobile number on a small piece of paper, walk by a girl in a shopping mall or a park, give her a wink and throw the paper on the ground. Another tactic is when a man sees a women walking on the sidewalk, he’ll drive near and throw that same “number on a paper” from the car window, hoping she’ll pick it up and call him.

Neither of these would work here in Jordan, where everyone throws paper – and bottles and cigarettes and plastic bags – on the ground all the time.

A few told of putting their phone numbers on Twitter, BB, Facebook, Whatsapp or through Keek to troll for a bite from women in the digital ether.

Living in Saudi Arabia can be quite boring at times, especially if you are single or separate from family and friends.

Most families would not tolerate this behavior and would likely take extreme measures against the women involved.

The countries strict laws on gender segregation make sure all contact between the sexes is minimized.Women are also challenging the rules on how to meet a prospective husband.(AP Photo/Hasan Jamali) "My friends and I have reached a point (where) we're very specific about what we want," she said.During the radio session, he cited incidents where women had virtually spoken to men on the Web to give advice on certain issues, only to have the men become attached to them. Al-Mutlaq’s advice evoked several varied responses on Twitter.Most of the sheikh’s followers on Twitter are women who debated the content of his “fatwa” (edict).Chatting between unrelated males and females on social networking sites is forbidden in Islamic law, said Abdullah Al-Mutlaq, a member of the committee of senior scholars.

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