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Sanaa fueled the fire even more when she didn't deny dating French after being asked about the rumors during a visit to 92.3 L. When questioned about the nature of their relationship she replied with, "You know, I don't talk about my personal life," she responded."Let's just put it this way -- I am dating." French is currently making rounds to promote his new single "Figure It Out," which features Kanye West and Nas, while Sanaa is hard at work on an upcoming special for Fox that's set to air this fall.

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Instead, he was there with another woman who was clearly not just a friend or relative. Man, celebs don't become siamese twins when they enter into a relationship they can separate sometime.

He even made a point to tell photographers that he did not want to be pictured with the curly haired and quite fit mystery woman. Comedienne Sommore was there with her girls: And Kevin Hart made an appearance: Where's this dude been? He didn't want to take a pic with old girl probably because of the assumptions that would be made about their relationship.

So what kind of guy could theoretically capture Sanaa's heart? "I love to talk, I love to share ideas, I love to philosophize about life and art.

I just love having long talks, I love somebody with a sense of humor..." dating French Montana then?

While the two were uber cozy and very into each other all night, the inside source says they doubt this was a new girlfriend. And we all know that rarely turns into something serious. [quote comment="64654"]Umm, I am surprised no one told you Sanaa was in DC saturday night at the 201 Lounge on Capitol Hill with her man looking great. He is definitly petite enough to fit juniors clothing.

People can't be together all the time people.[/quote] lounge 201? love there chicken quesadia though..matter what, i think sanaa'll be okay w/or w/out adewale [quote comment="64665"]Umm, I dont know were Kevin Hart has been but he definately needs to go back wit that ugly a$$, ill fitting, Wet Seal V-neck on! (now my comment makes sense) You're crazy girl, that's some funny shit..........

The talk between these two brothas (black men) was kind of strange.

Well, it was strange because this has come across many black men minds including my own.

While promoting a new documentary, the very talented 36-year old Lathan took time out of her busy schedule to chat with

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