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“I’ll make a point of trying to see her while I’m here,” he said, referring to New York City, where Parker lives with her husband and children. “I just want to check in for a few minutes,” he added.

The “Iron Man” actor, 50, went on to marry and divorce Deborah Falconer and then married his current wife, Susan, in 2005.

Parker, also 50, married fellow actor Matthew Broderick in 1997. and Parker met at the former “Sex and the City” star’s apartment, where she introduced him to her children.

“It’s nice to survive with your companion by your side.

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND - JANUARY 19: Chris Evans attends the IWC 'Come Fly with us' Gala Dinner during the launch of the Pilot's Watches Novelties from the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer IWC Schaffhausen at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) 2016 on January 19, 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland.

“We were able to spend some time together and it was really cool,” he told Stern.

“You know, the funny thing too is you always have a perception of somebody that you spent a big chunk of your life with and I think it’s typical to the human thing that the further you get away from that in your new relationship, you sub-intentionally taint your perception of the person.” “Seeing her I was like, ‘She’s so great and so cool and so funny and so in command,’” Downey Jr. “I got to meet her kids and I saw the way she and Matthew live and I respect both of them so much.” He also shared his deep admiration and respect for Broderick, who wasn’t around for the meeting.

They were considered as one of the perfect couples. I’d been out in Europe doing the Crush tour and the movie business was threatening to go on strike so there was nothing being made.

He's played himself on fits in among his many descriptors, but Musk has actually been married or otherwise attached for most of his ragingly successful life. And now, the Tesla and Space X CEO and Depp's soon-to-be ex-wife have now been spotted together on several occasions over the past month, so perhaps she's the one getting Elon Musk in the divorce.friends, however, and so far the headlines have amounted to the two "hanging out," nothing more.

There was a lot of flirting on the set of ‘Ally Mc Beal’ which later turned into a love relationship.

Though Calista’s relationship could not be continued for a long period of time, she is still sometimes, known as the ex-girlfriend of Robert Downey Jr.

“First of all, I respect both of them so much, and now we have to get past this conversation,” he said.

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