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The concerns about infidelity came to a head however when Bethenny Frankel obtained actual proof of one of Tom's indiscretions, in the form of a picture taken by her friend that showed him openly making out with a woman at a popular New York City hotel bar soon after he proposed to his now wife.Bethenny shared the photo with Luann while the group was in vacation in Miami, privately pulling her aside and breaking the news to her one-on-one in front of a Bravo camera crew.'She has said she will provide footage to the show from her private videographer, once her contract with People has expired.' An ecstatic Luann appeared on the now-cancelled talk show FAB Life to speak about the news soon after her engagement, saying: 'I'm so excited. That anger was due in large part to Tom's delay in admitting that he had been close to Sonja for years. I knew there was no getting around it,' said Sonja.'To be polite, I said we were friends with benefits. That’s why I made the comments about the murky yellow diamond and stuff. I was mad at him.'Then, after announcing that Tom had asked her to marry him, many of the women began to question his intentions and whether or not he was faithful to Luann.

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Her character is initially the receptionist at the paper distribution company Dunder Mifflin, before becoming a saleswoman and eventually office administrator until her termination in the series finale.

Her character is shy, growing assertive but amiable, and artistically inclined, and shares romantic interest with Jim Halpert, whom she begins dating in the fourth season and marries and starts a family with as the series continues.

You get to see him as the man he truly is – an unguarded version of himself that he hides from the world and only seems to let you see. So why, in the midst of this seemingly perfect situation, aren’t you any more than friends?

Or worse, why (when you told him how you felt about him) does he say, “I really love you.

You’re the most important girl in the world to me and I’ll always be there for you but I can’t be in a relationship with you – we need to just be friends.” Well, I’ll give you a few reasons and I’ll also give you the ultimate pull-no-punches guide to getting out of the friend zone. Damaged goods: There are some great guys out there that have had their heart broken one to many times.

And by the time they’re in your life, they have a lot of unclaimed baggage that they have yet to resolve.

"When I went in for The Office, the casting director said to me, 'Please look normal'," recalls Jenna Fischer.

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