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A correction in the way prehistoric time is measured using radiocarbon dating, described last week in the journal Nature, doesn't answer the enduring question, but it might at least help explain why no DNA evidence of interbreeding has been found: the two species spent less time together than was previously believed.The old radiocarbon calculation is now known to be off by as much as several thousand years, the new research shows.Headless Males Make Great Lovers is a perfect QI book - full of fascinating facts about nature.

That means that modern Homo sapiens barged into Europe 46,000 years ago, 3,000 years earlier than once estimated.

But the radiocarbon dating under the new calculation also shows that their takeover of the continent was more rapid, their coexistence with the native Neanderthals much briefer.

Brad and Rebecca Rabiey appeared on Dragons’ Den in November 2012, asking for $20,000 for 20 per cent of The Carbon Farmer.

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That book says:, mostly used, of course, for giving warnings about approaching predators.

Oddly, they also have "words" (that is, particular barks used uniquely to identify one species of animal) for animals that offer them no threat: they'll bark "cow" if they see a cow coming. c_id=2&objectid=10668231One of the QI elves, Justin Pollard, is an acclaimed historian, and he says of "The Present": You can even get one of his books about archaeology here:Here is a site where you can read about Professor Forbes's task: here is a picture of globular cluster Omega Centauri which will soon be known as a galaxy: Finally, in this show was a sneaky little General Ignorance trap.We found it amusing that there are insects called webspinners that spin webs, where, of course, spiders are not insects.Was that advantage cognitive, technological or demographic?Their personal ornaments and cave art, now seen to have emerged much earlier, are strong evidence for an emergence of complex symbolic behavior among the modern newcomers, a marked advance in their intelligence.The government estimates that will put 5 million back into the pockets of entrepreneurs over the next five years. The government wisely cancelled a proposed ,000 grant for employers that hire a new employee. The budget replaces it with 5 million in tax credits, including an investor tax credit, to encourage investment in small and medium-sized businesses (something the business community lobbied for) and million in new funding to be invested through Alberta Enterprise Corporation to spur innovation (a move that has paid dividends in the past).

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