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When the user clicks on the Text Box, a client-side Calendar control pops up.

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Web-based email clients, for example, typically display the list of messages with a column of checkboxes.

The user can select an arbitrary number of messages and then perform some action, such as moving the emails to another folder or deleting them.

(Switch to the Visual Basic tutorial.) In the interfaces we've created so far, a user can accidentally delete data by clicking the Delete button when they meant to click the Edit button.

In this tutorial, we'll add a client-side confirmation dialog box that appears when the Delete button is clicked.

The deleting interfaces we've examined thus far have been composed of a Delete button that, when clicked, causes a postback and invokes the Object Data Source's Delete() method.

The Delete() method then invokes the configured method from the Business Logic Layer, which propagates the call down to the Data Access Layer, issuing the actual DELETE statement to the database.Figure 1: Each Product Row Includes a Checkbox (Click to view full-size image) Before we worry about adding a column of checkboxes, let s first focus on listing the products in a Grid View that supports paging. If something is to happen on button click event, move it to button click event handler.Our example will include a paged Grid View listing the products in the database table with a checkbox in each row (see Figure 1).A Delete Selected Products button, when clicked, will delete those products selected.NET AJAX 1.0 and Visual Studio 2005) and Version 3.0.20229 (if targeting . If you want to popup a Calendar on the click of a button, you can use set the Popup Button ID of the Calendar Extender to the ID of the button.

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