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John Lennon and Mike Nesmith were the “leaders” of their respective groups- the smartest ones, cracking sly jokes and asides, each with their droll sense of humor.

This fabulous pic was shot by the amazing photographer Kirk Stauffer. The reviews for The Moodies current US tour continue to roll in.

Thought we share another lovely one from last evening’s show in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

And it’s always a bit exciting when a critic gives Norda special artist recognition for the wonderful contribution she brings while on tour with this iconic and legendary band. It’s available through cdbaby , i Tunes and Amazon US and UK .

Thought we’d share a lovely photo recently taken at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle Washington USA of Norda while on tour with the Moody Blues. It has been in the UK TOP SELLER category on cdbaby now for over 56 weeks !!

The show became an instant smash and ended up winning two Emmys for their "Royal Flush" episode in 1967 and was nominated for a third during the show's second season.

By the time the second season ended, the guys requested that show's format be changed to a variety-type program the next season.

All of the series' 58 episodes are now available on DVD and VHS.

Five decades after their TV debut, The Monkees are on the road with a multimedia tour featuring footage from the 1966 television series.

With that, let’s take a quick look at these two very popular “musical groups” of the 1960s, the parallels, the similarities, and the differences.

Isn’t that rather like comparing Marilyn Monroe to J. But did you know The Monkees’ records outsold both the Beatles and the Rolling Stones in the years 1966 to 1967?

When their idea was shot down by the network, the show, still very popular at the time, came to an end after 58 episodes while Micky, Davy, Mike, & Peter moved on to the big screen.

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