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He was initially ideologically committed to Arab nationalism and Arab socialism, but he came to rule according to his own Third International Theory.Gaddafi was born near Sirte to an impoverished Bedouin family.Während sich in Charkiw, Odessa und Mariupol die Lage beruhigte, wurden in den Oblasten Donezk und Luhansk bewaffnete sogenannte Volksmilizen aktiv.

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The 21st century has been marked by a resurgence of authoritarian rule that has proved resilient despite economic fragility and occasional popular resistance.

Modern authoritarianism has succeeded, where previous totalitarian systems failed, due to refined and nuanced strategies of repression, the exploitation of open societies, and the spread of illiberal policies in democratic countries themselves.

Schlacht um den Flughafen Donezk – Flug MH17 – Kampf um Mariupol – Schlacht um Ilowajsk – Protokoll von Minsk – II.

Schlacht um den Flughafen Donezk – Minsk II – Kampf um Debalzewe – Kampf um Schyrokyne Der Krieg in der Ukraine ist ein aktueller, seit Februar 2014 andauernder bewaffneter Konflikt, der durch stetige Schritte der Eskalation in den ostukrainischen Oblasten Donezk und Luhansk entstand.

Unlike Soviet-style communism, modern authoritarianism is not animated by an overarching ideology or the messianic notion of an ideal future society.

Nor do today’s autocrats seek totalitarian control over people’s everyday lives, movements, or thoughts.

He became an Arab nationalist while at school in Sabha, later enrolling in the Royal Military Academy, Benghazi.

Within the military he founded a revolutionary cell which, in a 1969 coup, deposed the Western-backed Senussi monarchy of Idris.

Having taken power, Gaddafi converted Libya into a republic governed by his Revolutionary Command Council.

Ruling by decree, he ejected both Italian colonists and Western military bases from Libya while strengthening ties to Arab nationalist governments—particularly Gamal Abdel Nasser's Egypt—and unsuccessfully advocating Pan-Arab political union.

Die Milizen werden von der ukrainischen Regierung als „Terroristen“ bezeichnet.

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