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Hapless home buyers George and Kathy Lutz (Ryan Reynolds and Melissa George) discover their dream home is possessed by evil spirits in this terrifying remake of the 1979 horror classic, based on Jay Anson's popular book -- and a reportedly real-life haunting.

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Witnessing a brutal attack on a woman but unable to help her, Sam (Tony Musante), an American traveling in Rome, soon finds himself the target of an elusive killer.

The deeper Sam delves into the mystery, the more at risk he becomes.

But the locals are unhelpful, and when an enigmatic detective joins the case, she begins to suspect his real motives and identity.

This smart and creepily effective genre-bending suspense movie also stars Michele Dotrice, Claude Bertrand and Jean Carmet.

This highly stylized thriller marks the directorial debut of horror master Dario Argento (Suspiria, Opera), who would later become known as the Italian Alfred Hitchcock.

Christopher Lee returns to his most famous role in this classic chiller from director Roy Ward Baker.

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Donald Sutherland and Sissy Spacek star as tormented heads of household in this haunting period drama, based on the only documented case in U. history in which a spirit was determined to have caused a man's death.

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