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Reuben Feffer thinks he's found the love of his life but on his honeymoon he discovers her cheating on him with a scuba instructor. On a night out with best pal, Sandy Lyle, Reuben discovers an old school friend, Polly Prince.

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That leaves 7 possibilities, assuming I'm attracted to all of them and they reply to email. I also think OKC is easy to use and although I wouldn't call it "poly friendly", it doesn't specifically exclude alternative lifestyles either.

Despite all that, I do worry that will drive OKC to a paid member model instead of remaining free.

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Today she has a double trouble - she was asked to babysit with twins!

Maybe she'll luck out and only one of them will be na...Returning home to New York alone, he attempts to piece his life back together.Reuben goes to an art gallery with his friend, Sandy Lyle (Philip Seymour Hoffman), where he runs into former junior high school classmate Polly Prince (Jennifer Aniston).If I do a search on OKC with "poly" as a keyword I get exactly 11 matches within 25 miles of my location. As you hopefully understand now, when I say OKC isn't of much use to me it isn't because their site or software don't work, it just doesn't provide me with a whole lot.Two of those matches I know fairly well, and two more at least casually. At the same time, some of the "fluffy stuff" on the site like questions, surveys, or statistics can be somewhat entertaining. Or is it just something fun to do at work when your boss isn't looking?Reuben Feffer (Ben Stiller), a life insurance underwriter, is celebrating his honeymoon with newlywed wife, Lisa Kramer (Debra Messing), on the island of St.

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