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has finally dropped, and it’s sure to dominate the mobile gaming landscape.However, as is the case with most large-scale, always-online mobile games these days, it’s not without its problems.In the cinema we’ve got a new GT5 trailer for you to drool over if you’ve not picked up your copy of the game yet.

However, some players are being redirected to “https://null/connect/1.0.0/authorize/” in their browser, which suggests an authentication issue.

Try clearly your smartphone’s browser cache, history and cookies, and try again.

The downside to social networks, of course, is that they require a certain level of activity to be useful.

Remember the start of Google Plus and how empty it felt?

Play as a group of civilians trying to survive in a city under siege while struggling to collect food and medicine. Noe, I am just trying to correct people and give people advice. Here are some of your “corrections” and “advice” Someone was happy that he didn’t have 4 of the games you said “If you say so.” Someone excited about a Tim Shaefer game you said “Tim Schafer?

Make life-and-death choices driven by your conscience, while dealing with the constant dangers of war. The only reason I criticized that one guy that says he didn’t care about my opinion is because he commented on almost every comment I commented on. You said “Noe, I am just trying to correct people and give people advice.” First off.. ” We got a VR title last month, someone said no VR games this month you replied saying it would take a year before we see VR games.There’s an unfair stereotype that says gamers are asocial – or even antisocial.We’ve all heard the stories of basement dwellers, people who sit in front of their computers for hours on end, and even kids who have died from video game obsession because they forgot to eat. Gamers a sociable bunch and gaming social networks are proof of that.A number of players appear to be facing this issue.At the moment, there’s no known cause, but we can assume that it’s probably caused by server strain.In that case, say hello to the newest in Home essentials: Companions. Race over to Estates this week, where you’ll find the Lake House personal space.

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