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The truth was revealed during a staged chat show, where Bianca and Jamie both confessed that they wanted to spend time with each other outside of the house.

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Lori Barbero hit the drums harder than anyone I had ever seen and Michelle Leon was just sexy as hell and could totally play the bass. I’d never heard anything like it and haven’t heard anything since like it.

It was just at somebody’s house in the middle of the woods.

He also mockingly revealed his frustration that he does not get paid when somebody writes about having ‘Moves Like Jagger’ – a reference to last year’s song by US band Maroon 5, featuring Christina Aguilera.

The socialite, 30, has been indulging in extensive beauty treatments ahead of joining her fellow stars in the Hertfordshire house, including having hair extensions at an exclusive Kensington salon where FEMAIL caught up with the star Bianca Gascoigne, the 30-year-old socialite and daughter of former footballer Paul, has been indulging in some extensive beauty treatments ahead of joining her fellow famous faces in the Hertfordshire-based house on Tuesday night Bianca Gascoigne will be heading into the Celebrity Big Brother house tonight, and we can't wait to see her launch show look.

We really bonded on the fact that we had just experienced such an amazing, life-changing thing. Kat Bjellend played guitar better than Greg Sage from The Wipers!

She was wearing a tiny dress with a huge bow in her hair and she looked so beautiful and so fucked up; she was doing the craziest shit with her voice. You can make this amazing music which was about how beautiful anger can be to me.

Nicola says: "When I got married and had babies, I wouldn’t have wanted to do it with someone who had that 'cause I was young."Stacy admits: "I would be concerned about her emotional state dealing with the crazy."Coleen then gives her input of wisdom.

She says: "Flirt in here or whatever, but don’t do anything until you leave, wait and see."In here everything is heightened."That’s why there is a lot of romances that are happening in here, then they get out and think actually, I don’t get on with you in the real world."Bianca had initially said she wasn’t interested in Jamie because he had tried it on with Jasmine Waltz first so she felt like a second choice.

And really, all you need to bring is yourself, and love.

She’s formidable, but she’s also quite playful, so we were able to try scenes in different ways until we felt we had them right.

It was also the fact that they were women and they looked how they wanted to look, they didn’t have to hide the fact that they were women to play this totally intense music; the combination of the femininity with the strength in the music in saying that femininity and strength weren’t the opposite of each other. Me, Tobi and Kathi were like, that is the best thing we’ve ever seen!

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